Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Eating Wright throughout the holidays

Holidays are on everyone’s mind, especially the health conscious. We can all get sucked into the vast amounts of wine and sweets offered at most holiday parties and in our own homes. Holidays are a time to enjoy but not an excuse to binge. Don’t ruin your whole year of conscious eating with a couple weeks of celebrating. Here are some tips to still indulge and feel in control:

Choose your parties- Figure out before which parties you are going to allow yourself some indulgences. One party a week should allow you to feel like you are still getting a treat. Remember, these nights are for enjoying not binge eating.

Remember the booze- Alcohol has calories, lots of them. We often forget that holiday drinks can add on the pounds. Even if your calories are liquid be aware and use sparingly. One class of wine (3.5 oz or three and a half shots) is already 85 calories. A shot of gin in that G and T? 56.

Eat before you go- This one always gets me. Even though you know there is going to be food at the party, eat before. You are not going to want to indulge in just fruit when you see all those other yummy items. If you eat before you won’t be as tempted.

Bring what you like to eat- Bring foods you know that are healthy and you will eat. This at least gives you another option if everyone brought Christmas cookies. It also balances out a party that is full of sugar.

Holidays are fun and a great time to relax and enjoy good food. Just make sure that you are eating in moderation and making wise choices. Enjoy the party and when in doubt dance off those extra calories. 

Happy Holidays!

Does anyone have any other tips that work for controlling holiday temptations?

Monday, 21 November 2011

Hiking Toronto: Taking on the Brickworks

Fall is still here and before it gets too cold you should try visiting some of the local areas in Toronto for a hike. This weekend I took August, my trusty walking companion, and a group to Brickworks to hike the trails and do some additional exercise. Time flew by! It’s amazing how some great weather, good trails and warm sweaters can make an amazing workout.

I always encourage people to try and get in an outdoor workout somewhere in the week. It’s a great way to get out of the house and go somewhere new. If you have a four-legged friend, even better. Hikes are a great way to get your heart rate up and challenge your body.

If you want to challenge yourself, here are some extra moves to try on the trail:


Trail Moves:

1) Tricep dips Find yourself a log and dip away. I try to do ten every time I see a suitable log. Your arms will be toned up in no time.  Tip: Make sure your arm is doing the work, not your hips!

2) Sprints Increases your speed any way, it doesn’t have to be a sprint. Try to push yourself up trail hills or speed walk to the next tree. You will find yourself burning calories and working up a sweat.

3) Mountain climbers – Grab that log again, knees to chest. This is a great one for abs too.

4) Step ups Using a log step directly up. The higher the log the more you are going to work. Double check logs are non-slip and make sure you alternate legs.

Have a great hike next weekend and try some of the amazing places Toronto has to offer. They are easy to TTC and bringing your dog gives you a work out partner. I suggest Rouge Hill, Ashbridges Bay and Brickworks.  All are dog friendly.

(August and I taking a break)

The best part about the Brickworks was an amazing farmers market. Fresh, organic produce, the best!

Are there any other great hiking places in Toronto?

Friday, 11 November 2011

Starting running Wright

Running is an aspect of fitness many people want to get into, and should. I hear from clients and friends that they “just wish they could run.” There is an appeal to being outside, getting fit and using no equipment. The hardest part is getting out the door. Running isn’t hard if you can just start.

Tips for starting your first run:
  1. Get the right shoes. If you are just starting you don’t need anything fancy, you are not going for a marathon here. Get a running shoe that has some padding, that’s all you need. There are lots of advocates out there of “bare foot running”. This style of running requires the muscles and bones in the foot to adapt to running without shoes. Start with a padded shoe.                                                         
  2.  Little goals, with time that is. Running is harder than we all think. A 30 minute run should be super easy right? Not if you are starting out. Start with 10 minutes. Walk. 10 more. Done!                                                                       3) 
  3. Find a friend. Find someone who is just starting as well. The neighborhood marathon runner is not a going to help you or give you confidence to keep goal. Friends keep you accountable to show up and can help with that needed motivation.  Fido is a great choice.                                                               
  4.  Have fun and mix it up. Find somewhere that you like to explore. Sometimes you find things in your own neighborhood you didn’t know where there. Need a change? Head to the boardwalk or rouge hill. You would be surprised the amazing places you can find right here in Toronto.                                
  5. Load up your ipod. Bring music or something you like to listen to. Running is all about your mindset. If you keep telling yourself you are tired you won’t go anywhere. I love to load up my ipod with new podcasts. You will be surprised how quickly the time goes.

The best part about running is how quickly you see results. After your fourth consecutive run you will notice a big difference in how you feel and the ease of the run. Happy running!

Have you ever wanted to run but just couldn’t get out the door? What motivates you?

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Blogging it Wright

Hello All! Welcome to my blog “Doing it Wright”. I'm Alexandra, a  twenty-something year old woman living in Toronto. I am a personal trainer at the YMCA and a fitness enthusiast. I am always looking for ways to make things better, easier and the true answer to being the best and to do it right.

(I am on the left, my sister on the right)

I like to write about my experiences in fitness through education and personal action. I have experienced many different types of training and worked with all sorts of people. I am on the quest for answers and hopefully, through this blog, can share them with others.

I ran an aquatic department at a YMCA so understand people, water and business. I left to continue school in public relations. I want to learn even more about how to get it right in business and communication with people.

My favorite thing to do is work out with my pooch, August. You will see him throughout many of my posts. I am lucky enough to be able to work with a specialty company, Fetching, that allows me to train others and their dogs. The best part of my day!

Please comment up. Tell me your experiences, stories and what you like. I love to hear what others think and hope this blog lets me communicate even more. 

What do you find makes a successful blog?